The Firmly Rooted Family absolutely loves the You Version Bible App, and the Reading Plans at!  

If you are not familiar with Reading Plans with Friends, check out the short video on the right.  There are reading plans for every occasion and situation that you can imagine.  From easy 3-5 Day Reading Plans, to Read the Bible in a Year Plan,  there is something for everybody.

Our current Group Reading Plans can be found below, and we have included categorized links to all sorts of other plans to help you find the reading plan you need!

God’s Holy Spirit develops and displays His Fruit in us when we give our lives to God. When we follow Him, He begins to do in and through us what only He can do: make us like Jesus. In this Plan, we’ll dive into each aspect of the Fruit of the Spirit as well as learn how to live our lives led by Him. Click Here to Join the Reading Plan