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  • What Does it Mean to Train Up a Child in the Way He Should Go?

    Whether you interpret Proverbs 22:6 as a promise for raising your kids “in the Lord” or a warning about not doing so, there’s one thing we know: what you do as a parent matters and it will lead to results.

  • 5 Things to Rely on No Matter How the School Year Ends Up

    I have been sitting on the edge of my seat for the past two weeks as I’ve been following just about every news article and local report for my school district.Tonight, our school board will deliberate and determine what the public school system will be doing this fall. Perhaps another semester of online learning or maybe a hybrid model. As of now I have no clue, I know nothing, other than the fact that I’m parenting a 5-year-old who is supposed to start Kindergarten and cries because she can’t read yet.When I attempt to teach her I realize just how inept I am. Then there is my 9-year-old. My sweet boy, who emphatically tells me he was the smartest kid in his 3rd grade class. He promises he knows all of his multiplication tables—he does not—and that he is easily reading at a 5th grade reading level—this might be true.I’m mentally preparing to homeschool or hybrid school, and basically fly by the seat of my parenting pants until further notice.I weigh all of the options and don’t feel great about any of them. So, what am I to do? What are all of us parents to do as we tackle educating our children this fall?As we approach educating our children, perhaps the very first stop is a lesson—for all of us parents—on reliance. Where do we put our trust this fall and how do we do our best for the children that God has entrusted to us?Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/DragonImages

  • 10 Ways for Grandparents to Hold onto Hope During Crisis

    Just when we thought it might be safe to go out again, another social crisis developed, and then we learned of new, increasing spread of the virus with no seemingly easy answers. Racism in the US’s system is being exposed left and right. Political tensions are rising in Asia, a plague of locusts besets Africa along with the virus, and South America reels from disease too. It seems chaos reigns the world over.We wonder what the future holds for children—our kids and grandkids. Will they be okay? Can they find a way to make a living? Some jobs are already gone, others are “furloughing” workers without pay. Those of us with infant children or grandchildren may wonder what kind of world these little ones will inherit.What will our country be like by the time they grow up? Despair invades our thoughts at night. Even though we manage to remain positive during the day, worry lurks around the edges of our minds.We need hope—but where can we find it, and how can we catch hold of it?Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/Comstock

  • Are Christian Parents Enough to Raise a Healthy Christian?

    Christianity isn’t something that you inherit, like height or eye color. Parents have been given a gift--the gift of influence. Whether it is top of mind for us or not, our children are soaking up everything we say and do, like little sponges.

  • 6 Ways to Parent Peacefully While Doing School at Home

    You may have been hoping that they would be back in person school by now, and are struggling with the transition and its demands. Here are 6 tips to get started, but know that it begins with you--the parent!

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