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  • 3 Parenting Mistakes That Hurt Children's Faith

    It’s easy to encourage your child in his faith, and it’s easy to hurt your child’s faith. In my experience, parents tend to make a few common mistakes that ultimately hurt their child’s faith.

  • How to Trust God When Things Are Falling Apart

    Instead of burying your hope in unmet expectations, seasons of disappointment, and questions that go unanswered, bury hopelessness. Instead of burying your devotion, bury your doubt and disappointment. Shovel the dirt on top of that grave, dust off your hands, and walk away. It’s worth it.

  • 7 Biblical Truths to Teach Your Kids about the 2020 Election

    This election cycle is a stressful one for all involved. Your kids need help to keep the election in perspective and to be reminded of God’s good plan for their lives.

  • Godly Grandparenting: Ways to Inspire Faith in Your Grandkids

    Grandparents have the potential to have eternal impact on their grandchildren. Here's how.

  • How to Forgive Your Parents for Childhood Pain

    Most people who have had a parent, biological or adopted, can say that at the very least someone had shortcomings that led to pain on our parts. In this article, we’ll dive into some of the reasons our parents may have hurt us (accidentally or intentionally), what the Bible says about forgiving our parents, and how we can approach reconciliation.

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  • Shaping Your Child Into a Spiritual Warrior

    Mom and dad, you and I will go to incredible lengths and allow our kids to endure incredible difficulties to guarantee high test scores for college, to pass driver’s education, but why aren’t we urgently guiding them into deeper spiritual lives?

  • Don't Miss the Monumental Moments

    Master monumental moments with gratitude, knowing that God is weaving together an artist’s tapestry in the complexities of our lives.

  • How to Make Marriage a Place of Healing

    Healing marriages are places where our brokenness is exposed and the intimacy of God in Christ is modeled as we cultivate a kind of acceptance that cannot be duplicated elsewhere.

  • Wanted: Hero Husbands

    I want to be my wife’s hero husband. Here are some things I’ve learned men who are further along the hero path in one way or another. Let’s learn together!

  • Crayon Box Families

    "When we came back from Haiti with one more kid than we went with, we were a multicolored family. I don’t like to call us multiracial because as far as I can tell for the Christian family, from the Bible, there is just one race. Humanity."

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