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  • 7 Biblical Grandparents and the Amazing Lessons They Teach Us

    There are many heroes of the faith in the Bible. As we read their stories, we typically see them as patriarchs and kings, military leaders and soldiers, strategists and spies, or parents and children. Rarely, if ever, do we think of them as grandparents.However, it’s true that most of the well-known people of the Bible were grandparents. Many played a key role in history and each has something to teach grandparents today.Consider the following 7 biblical grandparents and what we can learn from them.Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/Jovanmandic

  • 10 Best Bible Apps for Kids That They'll Love

    As the spiritual leaders of our homes we can use the help of these easy to access tools to help us know the best ways to talk about the Bible with our kids. Here are 10 fun and educational ideas!

  • 5 Things Your Young Adult Children Still Need from You

    My husband’s wise grandmother once told me that parenting never ends.At the time, I found the comment puzzling. As a parent of small children whose life consisted of long exhausting days, I couldn’t really grasp how you parent an adult. And I pondered what her comment meant as I looked toward the future and the gradual independence of my children.Fast forward twenty years (time is so surreal in the context of parenting) and here I am, along with my husband, parenting a teenager and two young adult children. Lately I find myself feeling a whirlwind of emotions over their experiences.You see, in their young adult lives, everything is new for them.This young adult life is new for them. And for me.Twenty-two years ago, I arrived at the hospital pregnant with my first child, feeling a bit overwhelmed that the day I had long anticipated arrived.. A whirlwind of excitement mixed with fear churned inside. I’d never been in this place before. Everything we would encounter from that point on would be new to both of us.Just as when they first entered the world, we are learning to navigate this territory together.While we may have been young adults once, we have never parented them before. It requires open communication and incorporating wisdom from those who have experienced it as well as help families navigate this season of life.Here are five virtues parents can offer their adult children.Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/Prostock-Studio

  • 5 Reasons Comparing Your Kids Is Harmful

    As kids, my brother and I were as opposite as could be.Clever and introverted, he could craft a poem one moment and expertly repair an engine the next. He was loyal, fearless, and tenacious in his points of view. As his sister, I was instead the cautious people-pleaser who aimed for perfect grades and a busy social calendar.I was content to spend hours at the piano or theater practice while he raced down the highway on his motorcycle. Our parents were challenged trying to understand their uniquely individual son and daughter.The dynamic isn’t so different in our house today. Our five kids run from shy to never-met-a-stranger, academic to artistic, and serious to silly. That one is guarded and private while this one wears her heart on her sleeve. One child’s room looks like the aftermath of a tornado while the other would make Marie Kondo sing.Each of our sons and daughters is one of a kind in their abilities, personalities, and dreams for the future.As parents, we’re tempted to compare our kids to one another. We’ve battled critical thoughts that say, Why won’t you buckle down and study like your sister? I wish you would listen and cooperate like your brother. If you were as frugal as so-and-so, you’d have more money too.Yet if we give in to those destructive comparisons, we’ll do long-lasting damage to our children’s hearts and minds. Here are 5 reasons why comparing your kids is harmful.Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/Liderina

  • How to Raise Faithful Children in a Fear-Driven World

    Our world seems even more fear-driven than the remembrances of my childhood nightmares. The newspaper headlines scream fear. As parents, how do we raise faithful children in a fear-driven world?

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  • Shaping Your Child Into a Spiritual Warrior

    Mom and dad, you and I will go to incredible lengths and allow our kids to endure incredible difficulties to guarantee high test scores for college, to pass driver’s education, but why aren’t we urgently guiding them into deeper spiritual lives?

  • Don't Miss the Monumental Moments

    Master monumental moments with gratitude, knowing that God is weaving together an artist’s tapestry in the complexities of our lives.

  • How to Make Marriage a Place of Healing

    Healing marriages are places where our brokenness is exposed and the intimacy of God in Christ is modeled as we cultivate a kind of acceptance that cannot be duplicated elsewhere.

  • Wanted: Hero Husbands

    I want to be my wife’s hero husband. Here are some things I’ve learned men who are further along the hero path in one way or another. Let’s learn together!

  • Crayon Box Families

    "When we came back from Haiti with one more kid than we went with, we were a multicolored family. I don’t like to call us multiracial because as far as I can tell for the Christian family, from the Bible, there is just one race. Humanity."

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