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  • 4 Helpful Ways to Heal from Childhood Trauma

    When we ask ourselves the question “How can I deal with hard things that happened in my childhood?” it can stir up many different emotions. So start with laying it all down before the Lord.

  • Mother of the Erwin Brothers Shares How Your Kids' Dreams Are Possible

    Mother of the Erwin Brothers tells the story of how she supported their dream to become filmmakers, and how God made it all happen.

  • 10 Ways Your Grandchildren Need You during COVID-19

    There are many cliches about grandparents: how they spoil their grandchildren, how they allow their grandchildren to eat treats and watch television, or how they hang every piece of their grandchild’s artwork up on the refrigerator. These may be lighthearted stereotypes, but there is deeper truth to them, as anyone who is blessed to have grandparents in their life will affirm.Growing up, I was abundantly blessed to not only have a grandpa and a grandma in my life, but to have seven living grandparents (including great-grandparents). These grandparents each poured into my life in different ways: some by having me over for fun sleepovers, some by giving me special gifts on birthdays or holidays or even “just because,” and some by adding money to my college savings. Above all, my grandparents blessed me by showing an interest in what I was interested in; by listening, remembering, and engaging with me.While I have had to say goodbye to some of my grandparents, my paternal grandmother and I still have a close relationship that has enriched my adulthood. During these challenging times of COVID-19 we have shared phone calls, messages, and laughter.Living in the time of COVID-19 may mean that you are not able to see your grandchildren in person, but there are still many ways you can show them you love them, and many ways they need you in their lives.Photo Credit: © Getty Images/Yakobchuk Olena

  • 10 Lies the World Tells Your Teen about Sex

    As parents, we can’t be too busy to listen. We can’t just assume kids are safe. We can’t shy away from difficult topics because we’re unsure of what to say.

  • 10 Ways for Grandparents to Hold onto Hope During Crisis

    Just when we thought it might be safe to go out again, another social crisis developed, and then we learned of new, increasing spread of the virus with no seemingly easy answers. Racism in the US’s system is being exposed left and right. Political tensions are rising in Asia, a plague of locusts besets Africa along with the virus, and South America reels from disease too. It seems chaos reigns the world over.We wonder what the future holds for children—our kids and grandkids. Will they be okay? Can they find a way to make a living? Some jobs are already gone, others are “furloughing” workers without pay. Those of us with infant children or grandchildren may wonder what kind of world these little ones will inherit.What will our country be like by the time they grow up? Despair invades our thoughts at night. Even though we manage to remain positive during the day, worry lurks around the edges of our minds.We need hope—but where can we find it, and how can we catch hold of it?Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/Comstock

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  • Balloon Art: A New Twist on Child Evangelism

    Certified Balloon Artist and Doctor of Ministry, "Dr. Dan," has been adapting the work of his ministry, Inflatable Stories, while effectively carrying out his personal mission, which is to reach people of all ages with the Gospel.

  • Grandparenting During the Coronavirus

    Hugs and kisses and snuggles are beginning to feel like distant memories. Will things ever return to the way they used to be?

  • How to Practice the Art of Motherhood

    Motherhood is an art form. Your kids are your canvas, and there’s no right or certain way to mother. 

  • Moving Your Family From Worry to Faith

    Living a life of worry has become so common, we’ve begun to consider it normal, even for believers. Just because something is common, doesn’t mean it should be accepted as normal.

  • 8 Ways to Keep up the Romance During Quarantine

    Whether you’re newly-married, a veteran couple, or somewhere in between, being homebound daily forces some unexpected relational adjustments and calls for major creativity in the romance department. Here’s a few to try.

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