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  • 6 Ways You're a Better Parent than You Think You Are

    The next time you feel gripped by guilt for a particular parenting choice, consider these 6 ways that you’re actually a better parent than you think you are.

  • It's Okay to Grieve What You've Lost During Quarantine

    There’s a lot of grieving going on right now. The number of people around the world losing loved ones to COVID-19 is increasing every day as is the number of people who are sick and fighting for their lives. These people, and their families, are suffering in a way I can only imagine. These people are looking darkness in the face. They are grieving. Business owners are stressed over the lack of sales and having to lay off their workers. Many are left to wonder how long this will go on and how they will provide for their families. We were created for work, and sitting idle can lead to depression, anxiety, and a loss of self-worth. These people are facing the unknown and they are grieving. There are people who started new businesses just before this madness hit, and now they’ve had to close the same door they just opened. There are authors who have canceled book tours, musicians who have canceled concerts, and actors who had to bring down the curtain before they ever stepped on the stage. Hopes and dreams have been dashed, and they are grieving. There are those who live alone and are desperate for companionship and physical touch. Others are living in an unsafe situation, as reports of domestic violence and child abuse are on the rise. Some are longing for community. Some are longing to be left alone.Both are grieving. Our high school seniors are missing out on “lasts” like prom, musicals, recitals and, not unlike many college seniors, they might miss out on graduation ceremonies as well. Younger kids have worked hard on art projects that will never be completed and practiced for programs that will never be seen. Athletes have trained for games that will never be played. What we may see as a mere disappointment is, to them, a loss. Our students were looking forward to memories that will never be made, and they are grieving. To all of this I say, it’s okay to grieve what you’ve lost during quarantine. However, as children of God, we must not sin in our grief. Almost no one alive today has lived through a pandemic before, and no matter how alone we feel, we’re all facing this together. As we navigate this new path laid before us, let’s keep the following five things in mind.Photo Credit: ©Unsplash/Ethan Sykes

  • 5 Ways to Talk about Easter with Your Kids

    Each day, we take small steps toward true love and life, remembering the hope we have because of Jesus and sharing the life and love He gives with those around us.

  • 6 Expert Tips for Homeschooling During Quarantine

    Whether moms and dads are continuing to work outside the home, or now working from home, the whole concept of home education is new to many of them. Here are some important tips for maintaining peace and productivity, for your children and for you.

  • 7 COVID-19 Myths Busted by an M.D. Mom

    As the virus continues to spread, let’s do our part to make sure we’re spreading truth and love, not fear and uncertainty. Here are some facts you can use to combat the fiction you encounter about COVID-19.

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  • How to Help Your Kids Find Peace in Quarantine

    Children's pastor Seth Dahl and his family are facing challenges along with parents and guardians around the world: working full-time, teaching at home, normal life stuff, and now the added threat of COVID-19 and living in quarantine with the family.

  • Four Ways to Build Your Marriage During Social Distancing

    This is such a unique time in which we are living. No one could have foreseen this global COVID-19 pandemic, nor the ripple effect on economies and the daily life of people across the globe. The spread of the coronavirus and all of the related shutdowns have brought us to a stark dichotomy. While we are separating from the rest of the world through social distancing, we are spending constant time with our immediate families.

  • Turn 'Social Distancing' On Its Head

    Suddenly, we find ourselves with a little more at-home time than normal. This is the perfect time to take stock of our spiritual lives.

  • How You Can Thrive as a Teen in a Small Church

    Teening in small church bring the big benefits associated with genuine community. Sure, there is work involved but God’s looking for a few more laborers just like you.

  • Clich├ęs That Kill Marriages

    Here are three common marriage clichés that do more harm than good, along with four biblical principles to replace them. Ditch clichés. Embrace godly passion in marriage!

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