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  • 6 Financial Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic

    While many tragic situations understandably demand our immediate attention, it’s important to not let the crisis pass without spending some time prayerfully considering how well we were (or were not) prepared financially for the emergency. It would be a double tragedy to not learn the lessons God may be trying to teach us in this time of adversity. Here are six financial lessons we should learn from the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • 6 Steps to Overcoming Financial Challenges

    Many families, especially during this time of year, find themselves overwhelmed by debt and completely stressed over huge financial burdens. If this describes how you are feeling right now, take heart, there is hope.

  • Why it’s Important to Keep Tithing in Tough Economic Times

    Most people would concede that our current economy is going through some tough times and most people are feeling the impact in some way or another.  Unemployment rates are rising, gas and food prices are rising, house values are going down in many areas- the list goes on.  As Christians, we aren’t immune to these troubles, but we know that God will provide a way out and will help us overcome if we trust in Him and follow in his principles. Here are a few reasons it is important to tithe, even when money is tight.

  • When Having More Time Means Earning Less Money

    What does freedom mean to you? Making the most money you can, or spending time with your loved ones?

  • 12 Ways to Live Well and Spend Less

    The best things in life really are free, and spending less money on what you do have to buy can enrich your life in priceless ways.

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  • What is God Calling You to do During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

    The coronavirus pandemic is causing the world to realize just how fragile life can be.  More than ever, people need to hear that God is good and offers us salvation through Jesus.  As Christians, we have a unique opportunity to glorify God as we serve our neighbors. Through the ages, amazing things have occurred during difficult times. The story of C.S. Lewis writing the classic book Mere Christianity is one of those. 

  • How to Protect Yourself in Times of Crisis

    If you’re feeling panicked about money in these uncertain times, I want you to hear me on this:  You are not alone. You will be okay. People all across the country are wanting to know how the COVID-19 virus will affect their finances. Here are some of the top questions I’m getting about how to handle money during this trying time. What should I do to protect myself and my family right now?

  • Dave Says: Bridging the Gap

    Dear Dave, In light of recent events, do you have suggestions for things people should think about and prepare for if they get laid off from their jobs? Sam Dear Sam, It’s no secret that things are shutting down all across the world. If your workplace has closed its doors and isn’t offering pay, then it’s time to regroup and get some things in order. The thought of being without a paycheck can be overwhelming, but a little thought and planning can help you get though times like these.

  • Dave Says: Playing the Lottery Robs You Of Your Future

    Dear Dave, I’ve been struggling financially for the past few months, so I’ve been playing the lottery once a week. To me, the chance to win millions is worth a few dollars a month, even if things are tight. Paula Dear Paula, You’ve told me you’re having money troubles, and at the same time you’re throwing money out the window every week? Honestly, the small amount you’re talking about doesn’t make a difference. Even if it’s just two or three bucks a week, that action represents a lot of financially irresponsible behavior in your life.

  • How To Be a Successful Woman

    The author of twelve books on personal development, an international speaker, life coach, and founder of The Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute, Valorie Burton shares about her latest book Life Coaching for Successful Women and her free 8-module online course "How to Coach Yourself" (available with the purchase of her book from ShopCBN or any bookstore).

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  • Making a Financial Plan Matters to Your Marriage

    Many couples struggle with money, but making a financial plan can reduce stress in your marriage and help you set goals for the future. The post Making a Financial Plan Matters to Your Marriage appeared first on Focus on the Family.

  • Coronavirus: How to Keep Your Family Finances Strong

    COVID 19 — the “coronavirus” — is changing how we live, work and connect with others. It’s also affecting family finances as businesses close or reduce hours to help lower the risk of spreading the virus. Because the changes in the market will affect families, we’ve collected several tips and insights to help you and The post Coronavirus: How to Keep Your Family Finances Strong appeared first on Focus on the Family.

  • Creating a Shared Vision for Blended Family Finances

    Every couple needs to talk about their values related to money and how they will create a shared vision for combining incomes and debt while planning for the future care of their children. The post Creating a Shared Vision for Blended Family Finances appeared first on Focus on the Family.

  • Empowering Women to Take Control of Their Finances

    Deborah Smith Pegues equips women to manage finances wisely in a discussion based on her book The One-Minute Money Mentor for Women: 21 Strategies for Financial Empowerment. The post Empowering Women to Take Control of Their Finances appeared first on Focus on the Family.

  • Get on the Same Financial Page With Your Spouse

    I used to see my husband as the villain because he spent more money than I did. I wanted to save every penny and be the hero. But we're now in agreement on budget issues. Here's how we did it. The post Get on the Same Financial Page With Your Spouse appeared first on Focus on the Family.