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Crosswalk – Bible Study
  • 3 Lessons on Listening to God’s Voice from the Story of Gideon

    When the story of Gideon opens the Israelites are being terrorized by the Midianites for seven years. The Israelites cry to the Lord for help, and God reminds them of all that He’s done for them in the past. The story of Gideon can teach us much about obeying God even when we doubt.

  • What Does the Bible Say about Narcissism?

    What does the Bible say about narcissism, and what Christians learn from Scripture to prevent the sin of pride, vanity, and narcissism from running our lives?

  • What Does the Bible Say about Makeup?

    It’s been an age-old question that has many women and young girls confused, oppressed, and shamed for wanting to look beautiful. I view makeup as a tool. And like any tool, it depends on how it’s used and the intentions within my heart.

  • Do Animals Go to Heaven?

    We know the scene; A child’s beloved pet - a goldfish, hamster, or cat - suddenly dies. The family gathers around a make-shift grave to give their last goodbye. Words of comfort are spoken to the grieving child. At some point, the universal question is asked, “Did the animal go to heaven?”It sounds like an easy question to answer. Popular movies have often taken a stab at this topic. Pixar’s award-winning movie Soul, for example, clearly shows the soul of a cat on its way to the great beyond. But is this biblically accurate? Do animals go to heaven? This is a deeply theological question, one based on a variety of factors. What do we mean by “heaven”? How does one get to heaven? What will we do in heaven? These questions are natural. Even the Pharisees ask about the nature of heaven regarding a woman who married seven brothers (Matthew 22:25). When it comes to animals in heaven, however, the question is more difficult to resolve. There are other factors to consider. Do animals have the capacity to respond to the saving message of the gospel? Is the animal soul equivalent to the soul of one made in God’s image? If animals can go to heaven, does this mean an animal can go to hell?To answer this question, we need to pair the biblical understanding of heaven with the biblical depiction of animals. It is only as we rightly understand these two elements that we can definitively, and confidently answer this intriguing question.Photo Credit: ©Getty Images/FamVeld 

  • What Is the Aaronic Blessing and How Does it Apply to Us?

    If you’ve been in church for very long you’ve likely heard the Aaronic Blessing. But if you are like me, you probably did not know that this is what it was called. But what exactly is the content of this blessing? And does it apply to us today?

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