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  • 8 Scriptures for Surviving the Holidays While Grieving

    When you feel like you cannot handle the holidays, slip away and let God comfort you. He’s always there.

  • What Is the Third Temple?

    While often debated among Christians and Jews alike, Jesus and Paul are clear in their teaching.

  • Why the Context "Where Two or Three Are Gathered" (Matthew 18:20) is So Important

    The goal of looking at misused verse is to encourage us to take a closer look at Scripture and to learn the context of what we’re reading.

  • Does God Really Hear Every Prayer?

    Yes, God does answer every prayer. But not always in the way we think.

  • 3 Things the Psalms Teach about Emotional Health

    The Psalms are a treasure-trove of scriptural delight. In fact, many memorable worship songs are drawn from this part of the scripture. From Marty Nystrom’s “As the Dear” (Psalm 42) to Matt Redman’s “Better is one day” (Psalm 85), contemporary praise and worship often re-articulate the psalms in modern language.Reliance on the psalms also occurs in more traditional, or liturgical, churches. Congregations may pray The Venite (Psalm 95), or The Jubilate (Psalm 100) as part of their regular rhythm of prayer. Indeed, monastic communities throughout the ages have even sought to pray through the psalms monthly, or in rare occasions, daily.Yet more than a resource for worship songs or liturgical texts, the beauty of the psalms is the visceral articulation of the full range of human emotion.From rejoicing to sadness, from frustration to deep ire, the psalms give voice to the deep emotions of human life. Sure, this makes for some hard passages to read. Who doesn't cringe at the thought of heads dashed against stones? Yet even these difficult verses are instructive—for we find that the psalms depict just what it means to communicate our raw, sometimes ugly, emotions to the Lord. In this way, reading through the psalms (or better yet, praying the psalms) has a lot to teach us about emotional health. The psalms help us uncover how to be faithful when we are filled with our negative or ugly emotions. There are three main lessons the Psalms teach about emotional health.Photo Credit: ©Getty Images/primipil

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